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Oil-pulling Videos

oil pulling is an ayurveda natural home remedy which benefited millions of people around the world. Even though the scientific reason behind the success of this process is still debated, we have received thousands of emails over the years and can tell you with the confidence oilpulling works for many. We can proudly say SINCE 2004 we are the most trusted website on oilpulling.

Even though it is a simple process, just for the sake of it We have compiled some of the oilpulling videos for you, which are created by some of early readers. These videos show how to do oilpulling.
Pl. read oilpullingscam and beaware of any product or books selling information on oil-pulling. As we have mentioned in our website. oil-pulling is like meditation, your experince may be different from others. The only way to know this is practice thyself.

Oilpulling Demonstration

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